Friday, October 26, 2012

My reading addiction...

Has reached an all time high.  I used to hate to read. Even at the beach.  A book really had to grab me for me to finish but I would get distracted and take forever to finish a book. 

In 2007/2008, my friend got me to read the Twilight saga.  Then my mom got me into several hilarious books by Cathy Lamb.
In 2009, I was getting so annoyed with afternoon radio* on my long commute home (1.25 hrs each way at least) that I signed up for Audible**.  I loved audiobooks.  I got The Help,  The Shack,  Heaven is for Real, The Immortal life of Henrietta Lacks. Then I was introduced to this series I fell in love with by Janet Evanovich.  The Stephanie Plum series (Team Morrelli!). I finished 18 books in about a month. Then I got the Kindle Fire and fell  in love all over again.  Still use audible but I have read so many books since May.  Especially getting into the steamy love stories and trilogies.  Rich hot men with a past... can't get enough. But I read and listen to other stuff too. Listening to Area 51 on audible now.  It's getting so bad I often have two books going at once.  One on audible for the drive home and an e-book on my Fire.  I can't  get enough.  Before I'm done a book I am trying to decide what's next. 

I would get help but I don't want any.  I think it's a healthy habit exercising your brain. 

So many good books so little time and I want to share so that is where I got the idea to blog.  I don't like to write  reviews on sites  because usually the review form's text windows get on my nerves.

Please feel free to leave book recommendations here in the comments.  Enable me please.

*Note: I listen to 98Rock's MAS morning show so I am thoroughly entertained on my commute  to work. I highly recommend it. 

** Audible is Amazon's audiobook site and very affordable for a monthly subscription.  I highly recommend it.

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