Monday, August 1, 2016

I really need to get it together

I have been putting it off and off but really want to use this to chronicle. life stuff. I know its egotistical to think someone wants to read about my life shit in my minuscule web-corner of the inter-webs but maybe someone can relate. Maybe I'm not a mutant. I'm odd yes and maybe there is a nitch out there i can fit into and relate. Maybe. 

So I'm going to be posting my weight loss efforts, my social life musings (or lack thereof) and adventures in keeping my little humans alive and anything else. I love humorous stuff so I'll bring the funny. I'm funny, I swear!!

I'll start with a summary of whats been happening since I last posted.  Let's see Kennedie My youngest was 4 months old.. Fast forward.. I'm divorced since April (Long story for another time), Sold my house in Hampstead and moved back home. I moved back in with my parents for about a year and a half. We, my girls and I, moved into a nice neighborhood in a single family home. My girls are now 6 & 4 and the oldest is a girly girl drama queen. My youngest is a tomboy smart ass rebel. 

I lost my brother in Nov. 2014 to PTSD. I miss him greatly. I lost my uncle to cancer and he fought bravely for 8 years. He was so young and a friend to everyone. 

So it has been a busy 2 - 3 years. But I've definitely have come out stronger. I was one of the hardest time of my lives but I had my girls and they kept me going. They are the reason for everything. Also had an amazing family and friends who stuck by me. 

I'm a lucky blessed single mom of two.

BatMom! Because i'm awesome

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